By Ighotome Mukoro

We all have been created for so much more than who we are now. We a lot of times live our lives less of who we truly are. In the inside of every man lies the seed of greatness, the seed of leadership and potentials.

Emerge is a book that calls out to that seed of greatness, that leader and that potential in us. In the book, Ighotome seeks to bring us into the knowledge and understanding that in the inside of us lies a leader waiting to be discovered. Our lack of leadership and inadequate leaders is not a problem of lack in itself but a lack of understanding of the leader that resides in each an every one of us, and a lack of that understanding keeps us from calling that leader into light.

He began with an inspiring story of a man who chose to take up responsibility to serve and inspire a set of people, an ordinary man like each one of us, but who woke up to the reality of the leader in him. He went ahead to explain to us the reason why we all are leaders which is so amazing to know that we all can rise to become leaders.

A Leader he says is one who finds the path and the discovery of the path causes him to walk in it, thereby inspiring and influencing others to walk their own path. The moment we wake up to the reality of the leader in us, we are able to inspire others to wake up to the leaders in them. So influencing others into waking up to the leadership in them is a journey we all must make at one point in time in our lives.

Ighotome did a good job in giving us points and processes involved in our emerging as the leaders we were meant to be.

It is a journey of discovery, paying the price, enduring the perils and choosing not to be any less than what we were created to be. It is also important to note how he links our journey into discovering who we are to discovering our creator, the very one who made us. It is popularly said that if you want to know the purpose of a thing, the best place to find it is with the manufacturer. So in your journey to become the leader you are, discovery of your maker is important.

He closes with two important point; the marks of a leader and passing the baton. There are attributes that help us identify as leaders and if we are lacking them, then it shows we still haven’t come into the realization of the leader within.

When we have finally become that leader, it is important to pass the baton, we lack leaders not because we haven’t had them, but because they didn’t pass on the baton.

In conclusion, it’s time to Emerge, it’s a call to everyone to wake up and see that there’s a leader in the inside of you. Don’t silence him, wake him up.


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