Smart Emmanuel’s Selling Series: How To Sell Successfully

Sales unit is one of the few business units where success can be easily measured; it’s always about the numbers. Some super stars bring in great numbers for a few months and then, the numbers begin to decline. I’ve put together a few sales secrets that can help sales leaders achieve consistent sales growth.


Understand your product

It’s important to understand the problems your product solves or the needs your product meets for your customers. Underrating or overrating your product can be costly. Know the true worth of your product offering and the true value customers will get from owning your product. For example, air conditioning does more that cool the atmosphere, it gives users prestige, beautifies their home or office and it helps them sleep and live better. It even helps them think better. It’s more than an electronic that cools the environment.


Know your customers

Never underestimate or overestimate the needs of your customers. Customers are different, while there are unifying needs, it’s important to know that each customer is unique. When you know the people who need your product and how they want to be served, your job is 50% done. In Africa, a gas station serves cars but beyond cars, they serve generators, millions of generators. Although they make room for generators, they are designed to serve only cars even though generators are a big chunk of their business.


Solve, don’t Sell 

A lot of customers don’t like being sold to. They want sales people to be problem solvers. I’m tasty, give me water. Even if you successfully sell ice to someone who is freezing to death, you won’t get a repeat order. If you know your customers (which is the major sales work), solve their problems with your products. Focus on people who need your product and can afford them. Educate them and let them realise your product is the answer to their prayer.


Written by Smart Emmanuel. Emmanuel is Africa’s leading sales growth and product development strategist. He is CEO of The Stralution Company Limited, a sales growth and product development strategy firm. 


Twitter and Instagram: @iamsmartemma

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