Smart Emmanuel’s Selling Series: How To Convert No To Yes

Asking for a sale is one of the frightening moments for a new sales person or entrepreneur. Almost everyone hates rejection and getting a NO can be very discouraging.

The good news is getting a NO can be a blessing if used properly. “NO” helps you understand that your potential customer isn’t convinced your offering is best for them. Once you get a NO, thank the potential customer for their honesty. You have to thank them sincerely because a NO is a gift, a disguised gift.

The next step is education. In this case, you become the student and your potential customer becomes your teacher. Tell the potential customer that your focus has shifted from winning them over to learning from them. Use words like, “Dear Customer (insert name), I understand you do not want to buy XYZ at the moment. I am deeply grateful for your honesty. I would like to draw from your wisdom and experience to understand how best we can design, restructure or improve XYZ that will ensure we attract the right customers. I would appreciate your insight. It will help us become a better company”.

Customers have a lot to say. You will be stunned that how much information they would give for free when given the opportunity. Usually, the potential customer will let you know why they are not buying and if you need to improve anything. It’s at this point you shoot again. “Would you be willing to take delivery of XYZ if we improve ABC based on your recommendations?”.

It works like magic on potential customers who have the means to make an instant purchase. You would mostly get a YES because they feel like a part of your company now and their voice has been heard.


Written by Smart Emmanuel. Emmanuel is Africa’s leading sales growth and product development strategist. He is CEO of The Stralution Company Limited, a sales growth and product development strategy firm. 


Twitter and Instagram: @iamsmartemma

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