“All of life is a blink in eternity” –

Smart Emmanuel

We do not have forever. We all have a few years. Death gives life meaning. I believe knowing we will die someday and not knowing when, empowers us to live a happy and purposeful life. To attempt to understand why I exist, I have had to look at my luck, good and bad. I have had to count my blessings and embrace the things I cannot change. In all this, I discovered that all I really want is to be loved, to experience happy moments, to have good and beautiful things and to share my joy with family and friends in health and abundance.

Ironically, my experience has taught me the best way to experience all I desire is to help others achieve their own desire. Life has a way of rewarding us for doing this either by getting paid for our gift, skill, products or just being very lucky. I recognize that there are many gifts I have that can serve this world and make it a happier place. I exist to use my mind, my energy, my network, my voice and all I have to make the world a fairer place, where peace, justice, wisdom, prosperity and love are available to all who seek them.

My life’s goal is to democratize peace, justice, wisdom, prosperity and love for all who seek them. If this inspires you, join me on this important journey. Work, organize and inspire your local community to walk this path.

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